NaProTechnology: a unique and effective approach to infertility

I had the pleasure last week of a meeting at Life Fertility Care based in Leamington Spa. Their fertility programme is not widely known so I was interested to find out more.

FertilityCare adopts a scientific based process of investigating gynaecological and reproductive health called NaProTechnology. It is unique in so far as it enables couples to identify and monitor the fertility cycle in a natural and non invasive way. This encourages both partners to be involved which has proved to be hugely beneficial in the process. 

The aim is to promote optimum fertility by increasing awareness of certain biological markers throughout each day of the menstrual cycle. These are then recorded and charted. From this any hormonal abnormalities can be addressed and treated.  

Like reflexology, the programme is holistic in its approach, looking at the whole person and lifestyle factors when addressing any fertility issues. Most importantly it looks at the  possible underlying causes of infertility so that they can be  treated.  It enhances the chances of conceiving naturally.

To find out more about this viable alternative to IVF, including 5 important infertility facts


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