I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted greatly from my reflexology treatments with Fiona, who offers a lovely friendly yet super professional service! I will continue to have regular treatments as they have helped me immensely with stress and other medical issues and each time I leave feeling calm and rejuvenated!

Karen, Stratford-upon-Avon

Fiona began treating me in the autumn of 2014, I was experiencing some ongoing problems and was keen to see if reflexology would make a difference.

Fiona took a full medical history and went into detailed explanation about the treatment and its likely effects.

I find her to be an excellent practitioner, she is knowledgeable, thorough, considered and very caring putting me at immediate ease. The treatment itself is wonderful, she always explains what can be expected as a result of the treatment and always checks two days later to see how I am feeling. I can definitely say that I have noticed an improvement in my symptoms.

Fiona is extremely committed, very personable and meticulous in her approach. I have no hesitation in continuing the treatment as I find it of great benefit to my overall well being.

Liz, Oxfordshire

Fiona has been really helpful and has shown a high level of professionalism throughout my treatments. Fiona was quick to pinpoint troubled areas and has successfully treated them. She is very friendly and discreet and would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Debbie, Warwickshire

Fiona listens – She quickly analyses your problems with her expert use of reflexology – she has a very calming way about her, a lovely relaxing time in her presence with very positive results.

Sally, Stratford upon Avon

My first appointment with Fiona was in November 2014 and for the months that followed it was sheer bliss.  I really looked forward to my fortnightly treatments.  I started seeing Fiona for treatment of Plantar fasciitis but really, I enjoyed the whole experience immensely.  The treatment is very relaxing, to the point of nodding off.  I learned things about myself and my body and Fiona’s professionalism is top notch, she speaks in a caring manner and explains all aspects of the treatment.  My Plantar fasciitis has gone and I attribute that to the Reflexology I received from Fiona.  Although I don’t have any other ailments I will continue to see Fiona, if for nothing else than the hour of pure relaxation.  A good Reflexologist can transport you to another place and I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone with any ailment

Lisa, West Midlands

I would thoroughly recommend Fiona for reflexology treatments, she is very knowledgeable and an extremely professional lady. She offers a caring and calming environment which I found to be hugely beneficial during treatments. Fiona’s ability to treat you as an individual and focus on your needs is very impressive. The treatments I received were invaluable in reducing my stress levels also she was able to identify and treat other health issues. The whole experience was so relaxing, Fiona’s treatment room became a place of sanctuary. An excellent and committed therapist.

Jess, Warwickshire


Facial Reflexology

A deeply relaxing treatment which has left my face feeling rejuvenated and complexion glowing. I would definitely recommend this for a non-invasive treatment that smooths away fine lines.

Jane, Warwickshire

recently visited Fiona for a course of Facial Reflexology treatments and I must say, the experience was very relaxing.  Fiona’s approach is caring, attentive and professional.  After just one treatment I noticed a visible difference in the tone of my skin and I had a lovely glow.  Facial Reflexology can give you younger looking skin, but the benefits go far beyond beauty.  The healing aspects are the real benefit.  Fiona is very skilled at picking up on what’s ailing you and I would most definitely recommend a visit.

Lisa, West Midlands